Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment for Snabdough Farm Bed and breakfast.

Assessment carried out by: Mrs Rutherford. Date: June 8th 2015.


A 2 Storey Dwelling comprising Kitchen, Dining Area, Guests Lounge.


2 Twin Rooms and 1 Double. Sleeps 6 people at one time.

Fire Hazards

Sourse of ignition

Heat from cooking
smoking materials
Tumble Drier

Sources of Fuel

Cooking oil
cleaning materials
Furniture and Bedding

People at Risk

Guests in the B and B

Evaluate, reduce and protect from risk

Risk from cooking on Aga - No Flames as Top is solid plates.
Smoking Not Allowed anywhere in House.

Who is at risk

Fire can spread rapidly. We are always in the building throughout the night.

Action taken

To remove and reduce hazards that may cause fire.

Smoke Alarms are out side bedroom doors and upstairs passage way and downstairs - A total of five altogether.
These are connected to the Mains and have batteries for back up. These are serviced by Burncliffe Electrics every year.

Kitchen. Aga Cooker - oil filled - Oil Tank across the yard.
No Deep Fryer.
Electric Grill - only used at breakfast.
Fuse board - good condition.
Electric appliances - good condition.
No smoking anywhere in Building.
No Candles or tea lights allowed
Torches in all bedrooms.
Oil Filled boiler for domestic water and Central Heating serviced every 6 months.
Electric Fire in guests Lounge.

Fire Extinguishers.

One in Kitchen. One at top of Stairs. One at top of Back Stairs.

Action to be Taken to remove and reduce risks.

Information is provided in all 3 Rooms.
Should Fire Alarm sound - Vacate Building at Once either by Front or Back Doors - Assemble on the far side of our yard.

Assessment Review Date June 8th 2015. Completed by Mrs Rutherford.

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